Introducing Delhi/NCR

Delhi takes pride in being the capital of the country for many dynasties. It is in fact a city wrapped in legend, where time flows differently, and where every moment becomes a moment of history. A vibrant melting pot, it encapsulates two very different worlds, the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, each representing delectably different experiences. It is sprinkled with glittering gems like: captivating ancient monuments, magnificent museums, a vivacious performing-arts scene and some of the subcontinent’s yummiest places to eat. Delhi blends within its folds the great cultural variety of India. Delhi is not just a name, it is a feeling. The city’s importance lies not just in its past glory as the seat of empires and magnificent monuments, but also in the rich and diverse cultures. In Delhi, you will discover that the city is sprinkled with dazzling gems: captivating ancient monuments dot every other corner, fascinating museums and art galleries contribute to a thriving cultural scene and fabulous eateries and bustling markets round off a wholesome tourist experience.


Delhi has many historical monuments like – QutabMinar (the world’s tallest brick minaret), Humayun Tomb, Old Fort (PuranaQila), Jama Masjid, JantarMantar, Red Fort, Tuglaqabad Fort, Lotus Temple (also known as Bahai Temple) and RashtrapatiBhavan.

The most important part is that these historical monuments become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a gallant picture of Delhi too.